There are hundreds and hundreds of performance numbers in DB2. Like a Las Vegas Black Jack deck, the sheer volume of cards makes analysis difficult.

Beat the odds.

Let Database-Guys count the cards
so you can...

Drive DB2 UDB UNIX Faster!

Performance Tips

  • Know your users and their habits
    • Which users used the most CPU time during the past 30 days?
    • Which users perform the largest sorts? Spend the most time sorting?
    • Which programs spend the most time sorting? Perform the largest sorts?
    • For each program, how long does it usually run? Best case? Worst case? Are elapsed times increasing?
    • What's the busiest hour of the day? Busiest day of the week?
    • Is sort performance improving or getting worse?
    • If DB2 EEE, which nodes, if any, are carrying a disproportionate share of the work? Is processing across the nodes balanced, or is there a bottleneck node?

  • Find the extremes and cure them, or at least see what you can do to help. The trick, of course, is knowing who to talk to or where to look in the first place.

  • Get Connection-MINER and get answers!

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