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Database-Guys, formerly known as Database-GUYS Inc. is a cross-industry provider of DB2 UDB UNIX performance monitoring and tuning solutions. State governments, international governments, non-profit organizations, higher education, financial companies, publishers, retailers, consumer goods companies, and many more rely on Database-Guys Products to help them achieve and maintain optimum performance and availability.

Database-Guys is a privately held New York corporation with offices in upstate New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Illinois. We are a true E business in that we avoid real estate expenses; this, in turn, allows us to provide better prices for you, our customer. Contact Us. We'll help you succeed.


Database-Guys was started by our Top-GUY, Scott Hayes, one sunny day during the spring of 1998. Well, that's when the bank account was opened anyway. Development of software solutions for DB2 Universal Database actually started way back in 1996.

Back then, it was hard to find good tools for DB2 (then Common Server), and it was even harder to find knowledgeable DB2 technicians or consultants.

Scott's first solution was to create a tool to automate DB2 monitoring and tuning. It was affectionately named zdb2tune since it was somewhat of a sleeping beauty, and it was first introduced to the DB2 community at the 9th Annual International DB2 Users Group meeting in Chicago during a session titled "Tune DB2 Universal Database while you Golf!"

At the 1997 DB2 Technical Conference in Salt Lake City, Scott again introduced his automated monitoring and tuning concepts in a session titled "Tune DB2 Universal Database while you Fish!" The response from the over 140 session attendees was overwhelmingly favorable. Clearly there was a need for tools to automate DB2 UDB monitoring, tuning, and administration tasks.

And thus, a team of products was conceived. These are our humble beginnings.

Just like DB2 wasn't first to market in the UNIX world, we recognize that we too are not the first database tool vendor you might think of. Actually, there are a number of big brand names out there with big marketing budgets, large sales and support staffs, and some pretty spiffy products. Our goals, therefore, are to delight one customer at a time by providing:

  • Valuable products
  • Quality products
  • Really super easy-to-install and easy-to-use products
  • Service beyond expectations, and
  • Great prices that don't bust budgets

What you will get from Database-Guys is what you need to be successful with DB2 UDB:

  • Facts
  • Analysis
  • Ratios
  • Suggestions
  • Alerts
  • HTML and PDF documentation, plus Unix man pages
  • Extremely competitive cost

Think of the GUYS (Database-Guys's tools) as highly experienced consultants willing to work long hours for very little pay. If you could hire a 10 year DB2 veteran for minimum wage, would you?

We'd like everyone to be successful with DB2 UDB, yet we realize this is not always easy. With human technical talent becoming an increasingly scarce resource, we thought it'd be a good idea to create some virtual guys to help out: our GUYS!


Support for any of the Database-Guys products is available by writing support@database-guys.com. Additional premium support options are available.

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