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Great tools that work well. Saves lots of time and money. Reduces DBA stress. What impresses me more is that their tech support is absolutely the best that I've worked with.

Brad Ziegler
State of Minnesota


Do you visit your family doctor for brain surgery?

No. You see a specialist... a highly trained professional with years of experience. And you should do the same for your DB2 databases.

There are potentially hundreds of configuration parameters to set and thousands, if not millions, of performance numbers to monitor and make sense of.

While many companies dismissed early versions of DB2 on non-mainframe platforms, we have embraced it since V1.1. We're the specialists that can help you make sense of all the numbers, track them, and groom them into valuable information. We'll help you set those configuration values and optimize performance. It's what we do. It's all we do. We're committed to DB2 UDB UNIX and to your success.

Learn about our team, our business principles, our history, and our products. Then, contact sales and get your DB2 UDB databases really moving.

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