There are hundreds and hundreds of performance numbers in DB2. Like a Las Vegas Black Jack deck, the sheer volume of cards makes analysis difficult.

Beat the odds.

Let Database-Guys count the cards
so you can...

Drive DB2 UDB UNIX Faster!

Performance Tips

    • Use one TEMPSPACE for each page size in use
      • Use no more than two different page sizes in any one database
    • Use SMS
      • Use at least 3 containers (directories) that are located on 3 different disk devices
      • Create UNIX file systems for the sole purpose of TEMPSPACE SMS containers, make them large enough for your sort needs, and make them equal sized.

  • Get Space-GUY to monitor I/O performance of tablespaces, their bufferpool hit ratios, and other key metrics.

  • Web Publish Tablespace Utilization and Performance for your entire DBA team.
    (Did you note the Integrated UNIX File System Utilization?)

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