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"We are running Database-Guys tools now for a month, and I am very impressed by the result. We were doing a performance test, and I have no idea how we should have measured UDB without these tools. The Connection-MINER was my favorite during these tests. We are running a big UNIX-site (Sun Solaris)."

Sten Hector
RFV Data Sweden

Connection-MINER and DB2 Query Patroller make a great team!

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Connection-MINER™ 2.0
with Executive Client

for graphical analysis of users, programs, trends, and more!

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Connection-MINER product sheet (PDF)

What's new in V2.0

Busiest Hour of the Day

Connection-MINER adds a new, optional, Windows Graphical User Interface to enhance analysis of key performance data. The Connection-MINER Executive Client easily installs on a Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000 machine in minutes. Easily explore DB2 performance information like you've never seen it before.

The Connection-MINER Executive Client requires Connection-MINER server code base version 1.4 or higher. Licensed customers are encouraged to download the Executive Client now!

What's new in Connection-MINER

  • The speed and process of storing connection data is greatly improved

  • Several new reports are supplied that will help the DBA better understand and take advantage of connection data.

  • Easily discover if your applications are CPU bound, sort bound, I/O bound, or constrained by locking delays

  • Version 1.5 for server code base supports AIX 5.1


You've probably made a significant investment in DB2 UDB. Wouldn't you like to know WHO is benefiting from it? When? And how often?

Did someone say CHARGEBACKS?

Connection-MINER will help you discover which users, programs, and clients are using which resources and to what extent. For each user or program, you will be able to easily identify:

  • Resource usage (I/O, CPU, Lock, Sorts)
    • Totals
    • Averages
    • Min, Max, or ordered lists
  • Locking problems
  • Performance metrics
    • Bufferpool hit ratios
    • Package cache efficiency
    • Sort efficiency
    • Disk read and write performance
    • Unit of work sizes (SQL statements/transactions)
  • Sources of heavy sort utilization

Based on this information, you should be able to:

  • Perform chargebacks to users
  • Identify candidate programs needing:
    • Sort improvements
    • Lock improvements
    • Logic or SQL improvements
  • Identify index changes
  • Determine ad hoc users in need of training
  • Set appropriate DB2 governor thresholds
  • Observe performance trends over time
  • Make informed tuning decisions
  • Improve overall efficiency and performance of your DB2 UDB environment


Connection-MINER builds a data mart of DB2 UDB Event Monitor Connection data. Using supplied queries, the DBA can quickly learn utilization and trend information. What's more, the DBA can easily extend its functionality by building additional queries that access the data mart. Connection data in the data mart can be accessed via any ODBC client (ie. Microsoft Excel ®), Java ® JDBC, or any other SQL or programming method you choose. Connection-MINER is extendable!

Connection-MINER results can be:

  1. Viewed directly
  2. Saved in report files
  3. Exported to comma delimited files which can be:
    • Easily imported into spreadsheets
    • Quickly loaded into other databases

IBM DB2 Query Patroller + Connection-MINER

What do you get when you combine foresight and hindsight? Extreme Intelligence!

Query Patroller allows the DBA to proactively define query resource thresholds. If a given query is estimated to exceed the permitted resource levels, then it can be automatically held for later execution during off peak periods. This is foresight.

Connection-MINER helps the DBA understand when the off peak periods actually occur, resource utilizations across time and nodes, and typical resource consumption levels for users and programs. This is the hindsight that is needed to optimally configure Query Patroller.

Get both Query Patroller and Connection-MINER, and upper management just may recognize you for the strategic genius that you are.

Platforms Supported

Connection-MINER is ready for DB2 UDB versions 6.1, 7.x, and 8.1 for both Enterprise Edition (EE) and Extended Enterprise Edition (EEE).

DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition

DB2 UDB Extended Enterprise Edition


Supported Versions



5.1 (32-bit)


5.1 (64-bit) coming soon!
Sun Solaris®




Linux® Intel

OS/390 coming soon!

HP-UX® HP-UX Inquire for details

Server Software Requirements

  • DB2 UDB per platforms listed
  • Operating System per platforms listed
  • A web browser capable of displaying HTML 3.2 documents

Executive Client Software Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, NT SP5+, or 2000
  • DB2 Client for Windows
    • The Connection-MINER Performance History Database must be catalogued at the DB2 Client
    • Executive Client Users require Select privileges against the Connection-MINER tables and views

Hardware Requirements

  • Software requires approximately 5MB of disk space
  • Depending on history retention requirements, an additional 10-100MB or more of disk space should be reserved for connection data mart data

Vision for the Future

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our future plans and directions with you. Please complete our additional information request form.

I Want More!

If you'd like more information on Connection-MINER or any of Database-Guys's products, please complete our Tell Me More! form.

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