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Connection-MINER Executive Client

Easily discover top CPU users, programs, trends, and more by exploring the Connection-MINER Executive Client graphs and charts.

What's the busiest hour of the day?

Busiest Hour of the Day Bar Chart

What's the busiest day of the week?

Busiest Day of the Week Bar Chart

Who are the top CPU Users?

Perhaps these folks would like to contribute some budget for the next hardware upgrade...

Top CPU Users Pie Chart

Which Programs Consume the most CPU time?

You might want to start your tuning efforts on these programs...

Top CPU Programs Pie Chart

Which Programs Consume the most Sort time?

Programs with most sort time

How long do programs usually run?

Program Elapsed Times Chart

What is the distribution of CPU and Sort time across EEE nodes?

EEE CPU Sort Distribution

What is the distribution of I/O activity across EEE nodes?

EEE CPU Sort Distribution

Are efforts to reduce lock delays paying off?

Lock Trend Analysis

Is DB2 using more or less CPU time over time?

Are tuning efforts paying off?

CPU Time Trend Analysis

These are just a few of the many analytical reports available from the Connection-MINER V2.0 Executive Client.

Last Updated: Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:45:44 EST

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