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"After seeing some of the other DB2 tools I will have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I downloaded a 30-day trial and was instantly amazed! From the simple and fast installation to the immediate results. I don't think I will be able to imagine having to do performance tuning of UDB without it. Looking forward to seeing the entire suite of tools."

Daniel C. Slagle
Senior Consultant


We look forward to visiting with you at the upcoming events.

Contact us for more information on any of these engagements.

North American Events

Tri-State DB2 Technology Exchange (NY, NJ, CT)

June 19, 2003
New York City

Speaker: Scott Hayes

Session: DB2 UDB V7/V8 for Unix, Linux, Windows;
EE, EEE, ESA, Design and Performance

Past Events

Southeastern Database Vendor Fair 2002
September 26, 2002
Greensboro, NC

Click here to download Phil Gunning's presentation
"Ten Clicks to Breakthrough DB2 UDB Performance Results"
as presented at this show.

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