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"We are running Database-Guys tools now for a month, and I am very impressed by the result. We were doing a performance test, and I have no idea how we should have measured UDB without these tools. The Connection-MINER was my favorite during these tests. We are running a big UNIX-site (Sun Solaris)."

Sten Hector
RFV Data Sweden

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Flight Deck™ V1.4

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Key DB2 Performance Information
Available Anywhere on Your Network

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Pervasively available DB2 performance information means better business results.

With Flight Deck, key performance information is available to any web browser within your network for authorized users only.

There's no need to install client software on every machine that might need access to performance data. So, when your cell phone rings with the crisis du jour, you can immediately get down to the business of solving the problem - wherever you are, from any desk, from home, or your favorite internet cafe.

Flight Deck's performance instrumentation is modeled after a cockpit of a jet aircraft. Different gauges and graphs are used to graphically present key DB2 performance metrics. Understanding performance results for key metrics becomes as easy as reading the fuel gauge on your car dashboard.

Flight Deck cohesively integrates:

  • System performance metrics
    • CPU busy %
    • Paging
    • Virtual memory
  • Database manager performance metrics
  • Database performance metrics
  • Bufferpool performance metrics
  • Tablespace performance metrics
  • Table performance metrics
  • Lock analysis
  • Top current user analysis
  • Top current application analysis
  • SQL cost rank analysis

Just imagine... with this critical DB2 UDB performance information readily available, at all times, from any location on your network, you'll always have the information you need to diagnose, treat, and cure any performance situations on a moment's notice. Ah....freedom.

What's New in V1.4.0

  • Flight Deck now displays performance information on static SQL statements from Flight Deck's Global SQL view
  • You can specify a default schema name to be used when running DB2 Explain for unqualified SQL statements
  • Flight Deck 1.4.0 runs with DB2 UDB version 8.1
  • You can easily add new users by replicating existing Flight Deck authorized user setups and user preferences
  • Flight Deck now offers configurable, multi-level server-side logging
  • There is more flexible instance handling for all platforms along with multiple instance support for DB2 for Windows servers
  • Plus continued efficiency and performance enhancements.

Even More Flight Deck Features:

  • Flight Deck is available for DB2 on Windows 2000 and NT platforms.

  • Flight Deck gives you the ability to monitor multiple databases across multiple instances/machines/nodes from the same Flight Deck Servlet.

  • In one configurable window, you can view database and OS statistics for multiple databases across multiple instances/machines/nodes at a glance.

  • Search for all SQL statements that have been executed against a table, regardless of whether an alias name or view was used.


Flight Deck uses some of today's most advanced technology to deliver state-of-the-art DB2 performance information, including XML, XMLC, Java, C, HTML, JavaScript, and much more. The end result is fast, efficient, pervasive, and secure monitoring capabilities for your DB2 UDB enterprise.

Our smart, efficient, agent technology requires only a single agent to be installed for each DB2 UDB database, so DB2 only needs to convey performance data once. The Flight Deck database monitoring agent then communicates with your web server (Java servlets) to dynamically generate web pages for your browser.

It's fast. It's very efficient. And it's very secure (for one thing, you don't need to provide the SYSADM userid/password to everyone that wants to monitor DB2).

Platforms Supported

Flight Deck is ready for DB2 UDB V6.1, V7.x, and V8.1 for both Enterprise Edition (EE) and Extended Enterprise Edition (EEE).

DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition

DB2 UDB Extended Enterprise Edition

Supported Versions Remarks

5.1 (32-bit)


5.1 (64-bit) coming soon!
Sun Solaris®




Linux® Intel

OS/390 coming soon!

HP-UX® HP-UX Inquire for details

NT 4.0




Server Software Requirements

  • IBM DB2 UDB version 6 or higher, per Platforms listed
  • Operating System per Platforms listed
  • Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition (formerly known as Java JDK), version 1.4.1
  • Apache web server; included with the Flight Deck software
  • Tomcat servlet engine version 3.2.1; included with the Flight Deck software

Client Software Requirements

  • Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher) with JavaScript enabled

Hardware Requirements

  • DB2 Server (UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000)
  • Web server (Windows NT or 2000)

Vision for the Future

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our future plans and directions with you. Please complete our additional information request form.

I Want More!

If you'd like more information on Flight Deck or any of Database-Guys's products, please complete our Tell Me More! form.

Last Updated: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 14:00:20 EST

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