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"We are running Database-Guys tools now for a month, and I am very impressed by the result. We were doing a performance test, and I have no idea how we should have measured UDB without these tools. The Connection-MINER was my favorite during these tests. We are running a big UNIX-site (Sun Solaris)."

Sten Hector
RFV Data Sweden

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Palm-GUY™ 1.4


Get a Grip on DB2 UDB Performance

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Palm-GUY product sheet (PDF)

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Pervasively available DB2 performance information means better business results. With Palm-GUY, key performance information is always at your fingertips. Literally.

From anywhere within the ever-expanding Palm wireless service network, you can quickly and easily:

  • Find out which applications are currently using excessive resources (Top Applications)
    • Optionally FORCE the connection
  • Find out which users are currently using excessive resources (Top Users)
    • Optionally FORCE their connection
  • Display key database performance statistics
  • Display critical bufferpool performance metrics
  • Show tablespace disk usage
  • See important table performance metrics
  • View integrated system performance, including:
    • CPU busy %
    • virtual memory
    • paging rates

Just imagine...with this critical DB2 UDB performance information readily available at all times, you'll actually be able to enjoy family picnics and other recreational events without being chained to your desk or home office. Ah....freedom.


Palm-GUY uses the Palm wireless network to connect your Palm Pilot to the internet via its proxy servers. The Palm proxy server accesses your company's network. Database-Guys software makes real-time DB2 performance information available on the web server of your choice, and Palm-GUY, a "web clipping" application for the Palm Pilot, accesses your performance data over the web, subject to security constraints you may impose.

Platforms Supported

Palm-GUY is ready for DB2 UDB versions 6.1, 7.x, and 8.1 for both Enterprise Edition (EE) and Extended Enterprise Edition (EEE).


DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition

DB2 UDB Extended Enterprise Edition

Supported Versions Remarks

5.1 (32-bit)


5.1 (64-bit) coming soon!
Sun Solaris®




Linux® Intel

OS/390 coming soon!

HP-UX® HP-UX Inquire for details

NT 4.0



Server Software Requirements

  • DB2 UDB per Platforms listed
  • Operating System per Platforms listed
  • Database-Guys Flight Deck™ is a pre-requisite product.
  • Apache Web Server running on Windows NT or Windows 2000.

Client Software Requirements

  • Palm OS
  • Wireless Service Plan from

Hardware Requirements

  • Palm VIIx PDA

Vision for the Future

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our future plans and directions with you. Please complete our additional information request form.

I Want More!

If you'd like more information on Palm-GUY or any of Database-Guys's products, please complete our Tell Me More! form.

Learn more about Palm wireless technology at these URLs: Wireless IP Addresses or How Wireless Works

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