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We're not (yet) a billion dollar company with million dollar marketing budgets.

We know we have to provide better service, better information, and better value.

Give us a chance, and we'll help you succeed.

Our Business Principles

Principle 1: Service

We will do everything we can to provide extraordinary service. When a customer writes to support@database-guys.com, several Database-Guys employees receive it, pagers go off, alarms sound, and we do our best to get back to the customer quickly with answers and solutions.

Principle 2: Products

We will do everything we can to make our products the best. We have to provide the best ease of use, the best information, and the best solutions to help our customers achieve maximum performance and availability. We constantly improve our products using feedback from our customers and our own DB2 lab tests.

Principle 3: Pricing

We price our products and services honestly and fairly. We provide the best products at affordable prices so that you can succeed. We will be successful only when you are, and we'd appreciate it if you'd tell your friends and peers.

  • Our standard annual maintenance fee is only 15% of the initial license fee, and it includes:
    We call this our "Friends for life club."

  • We can beat any competitor's price, if we must, on equivalent function tools. Sources tell us that we are priced 25-33% less than our nearest competition. If not, just show us their quote (fax to 877-225-4452) and we'll beat it.

Principle 4: Satisfaction

We want every customer to be a satisfied and successful customer. Our Software Trial and License Agreement provides a courtesy trial period. If you like our tools and they help you succeed, we will be pleased to add you to our licensed customer list. If not, you are under no obligation to buy.

  • 99% of the firms that trial our tools become customers
  • 100% of our customers have renewed their maintenance

Principle 5: Highest Ethical and Business Standards

We're honest in everything we do and say. We pay our vendors before the bills are due, often carrying credit balances. We respect confidentiality requirements. We like to help people succeed.


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