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We are passionate about providing great customer service. Every one on our team is a customer champion. On this page, we have identified some of our lead team members so that you can quickly identify who may best be able to help you.

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Scott Hayes, CEO

Scott Hayes is the founder of Database-Guys, a company specializing in performance management tools, consulting, and support for DB2 UDB UNIX, Linux, and Windows. Scott is an IBM DB2 Gold Consultant and IBM DB2 Certified Advanced Technical Expert. He is a frequent speaker at International DB2 User Group (IDUG) meetings worldwide, IBM DB2 Technical Conferences, the DB2 Symposium, and regional user groups meetings, as well as a regular contributor to the DB2-L listserver. Scott most enjoys short DB2 UDB performance tuning consulting engagements.

Contact Information: Send a Text Page to Scott
Phone: 1-877-432-4897 x4, 1
Fax: 877-225-4452
Email: Scott.Hayes@database-guys.com

Brian Hunt, President

Brian Hunt brings over 24 years of corporate/professional marketing and management experience to Database-Guys. He is widely acknowledged as an innovative strategic thinker, whose plans and programs have generated remarkable results in several different industries, including consumer, B2B, high-tech and no-tech Fortune 1000 companies. A popular teacher and speaker, having been invited several times to speak to groups including the American Marketing Association and Association of National Advertisers, he is also an active member of two boards. Brian employs a unique customer-back leadership and team building style to focus and galvanize an organization on delivering customer relevant benefit based value in everything they do. He is a great fit for Database-Guys.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1-877-432-4897 x4, 4
Email: Brian.Hunt@database-guys.com

Phil Gunning, Professional Services

Phil Gunning, a recognized industry expert in DB2 UDB, is a preferred provider of Database-Guys's Professional Services, including Database-Guys and DB2 UDB product training and consulting. Phil is an IBM DB2 Certified Advanced Technical Expert. He stays busy as a member of the IDUG North America Conference Planning Committee as well as an Associate List Owner of DB2-L listserver. As with all Database-Guys crew members, Phil wants to help you succeed with IBM DB2 UDB.

Contact Information:
Send a Text Page to Phil
Phone: 1-877-432-4897 x4, 3
Email: Phil.Gunning@database-guys.com

Renee Skrotzki, CFO/VP Operations

Contact Renee Skrotzki for all matters regarding human resources, accounts receivable, accounts payable, product licenses, and customer service. No matter your reason for calling, Renee will help connect you to the right people at Database-Guys.

Contact Information: Send a Text Page to Renee
Phone: 1-877-432-4897x4, 2
Fax: 1-877-225-4452
Email: Renee.Skrotzki@database-guys.com
Email: license@database-guys.com

Pam Greenfield, Communications Director

Contact Pam Greenfield for trade shows, marketing, advertising, press, and all other public relations matters. Have comments or feedback on our documentation? Please let Pam know, as this form of communication is also in her sphere of influence.

Contact Information:
Fax: 1-413-845-8316
Email: Pam.Greenfield@database-guys.com

Business Partners and International Resellers

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