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"After seeing some of the other DB2 tools I will have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I downloaded a 30-day trial and was instantly amazed! From the simple and fast installation to the immediate results. I don't think I will be able to imagine having to do performance tuning of UDB without it. Looking forward to seeing the entire suite of tools."

Daniel C. Slagle
Senior Consultant

Database-Guys Partners and Resellers




LECCO Technology (LECCOTECH) is a leading provider of SQL optimization solutions. LECCOTECH's LECCO SQL Expert for IBM DB2 works in conjunction with Database-Guys's Flight Deck for industry-leading rapid detection and optimization of problematic SQL statements.

In February 2003, Database-Guys and LECCOTECH entered a strategic alliance; read the announcement here.

Authorized Database-Guys Re-sellers Around the World

MfG Software GmbH

MfG MfG Software is the exclusive Database-Guys re-seller for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Please contact Sabine Gresens:

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Haemir Information Technology

Haemir Logo Haemir Information Technology is the exclusive Database-Guys re-seller for South Korea. Haemir provides industry leading software solutions and consulting for computer performance management. Please contact Steve Choi:

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ADSOTECH Scandinavia Oy

ADSOTECH Scandinavia Oy is the exclusive Database-Guys re-seller for the Nordic region, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Please contact Christer Mäkelä, Managing Director:

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Matrix Computing Consultants Pty Ltd

Matrix Computing is the exclusive Database-Guys re-seller for Australia, New Zealand, and South America. Please contact Mary Kingsbury:

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MHC Inc.

MHC Inc. is the exclusive Database-Guys re-seller for Canada and the United Kingdom. Please contact Helen Hubel:

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Other Inquiries

If you have an inquiry for a country not listed on this page, please contact Ralph Braun to find out how you can achieve breakthrough results with Database-Guys.

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Member of PartnerWorld for Developers

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