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"By using SQL-GUY™, we can rapidly and effectively detect resource intensive SQL statements that slow down our business, usually before they go into production. This tool is essential and easy to handle. Every DB2 UDB user should have it."

Jan Ullmark
Chief DBA
RFV Data, Sweden
April 2000

"The [Database-Guys] tool suite has greatly enhanced our ability to quickly determine bottlenecks. We can proactively determine problems before our customers call us!"

Rolfe Jaremus
Manager of Data Services
Trans Union LLC
March 2000

"SQL-GUY cuts 3/4 of the time required to find a bad piece of SQL in the database and allows us to fine tune the application calls and save on systems resources.

"The [Database-Guys] tools provide us with historical trending that gives us the ability to manage our system resources very effectively."

Mike Paris
Database Administrator
Trans Union LLC
February 2000

"The [Database-Guys] tools installed in about 10 minutes. 15 minutes later, we made several significant tuning changes. Our applications run faster, and, what I really like, is that I can easily monitor database and table activity from one easy to read screen."

Sal Nargi
Mercy College
April 1999

"Wise-GUY™ installed with no problems. I like the new table reads and system monitor options, and, from one screen, I can see everything that is going on."

Sean O'Keefe
Virginia Commonwealth University
October 1998

"At last, some very useful, very simple, and rather inexpensive DB2 UDB tools that come in my favorite colors: Green and Black."

Paul Rockwood
Dominion Semiconductor
October 1998

Regarding Connection-MINER™... "In all, for most environments, I feel that for the money, this would be a great tool to have at one's disposal. The savings of time in pinpointing problem areas is worth much more than the cost of the tool. It should enable just about anyone to save on processing costs. Plenty of bang for the buck."...

Dennis E. Jones
Arkansas Dept. of IS
IBM Certified Solutions Expert: DB2 UDB V5 Database Administrator
July 1998

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