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Scott Hayes

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DGI Announces Special Bundled Offering for Pervasive IBM DB2 UDB Monitoring and Control

ROCHESTER, NY - (May 31, 2002) - DGI, the industry standard in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB*, announced a special product bundling for the month of June. Any company who licenses Flight Deck™ in June 2002 will receive a complimentary license for Palm-GUY™ plus one Palm VIIx.

Flight Deck, the first application of its kind to integrate pervasive DB2 UDB control and management through a web browser, is now available in version 1.20. The latest version grants the power to monitor performance data across multiple DB2 environments or multiple DB2/EEE nodes, all from a summarized bird's-eye view. The Advanced SQL Search feature finds all application SQL accessing a given table, even if the SQL references DB2 views or aliases. And because Flight Deck operates through a web browser, there is no need to install cumbersome software on every DBA's desktop machine.

Palm-GUY permits access to DB2 and operating system statistics at any time from anywhere because it runs on a wireless handheld device. Therefore, key performance information is pervasively available, and the database administrator can control the database directly from the handheld device, rather than dialing in to a telnet session or going into the office in the middle of the night.

"Today's database administrator is required to be available 24/7," said Scott Hayes, president and founder of DGI. "We recognize the need for everyone to maintain quality of life while meeting business needs, especially for the DBA who is on-call. If the DBA can make the database change right from a Palm handheld device instead of going home and dialing in, or worse yet, going back to the office, he or she has the chance of returning to personal time much quicker, making for a happier DBA and improved business results."

Hayes continued, "And managers will appreciate the fact that handheld devices, such as the Palm handhelds, are much more cost-effective for employees than a laptop. The ability to instantaneously respond to business performance issues, from anywhere, at any time, is a huge boost for availability and organization productivity."

"Considering this price difference, quality of life returned to the DBA, and resultant resource availability improvements, the return on investment is phenomenal," Hayes added. "We wanted to make this offer in June so that DBAs may have the opportunity to spend some personal time this summer where it should be spent — not in the office."

Pricing and Availability
Flight Deck version 1.20 is available now, along with Palm-GUY version 1.10. Flight Deck pricing starts at $8,000 per UNIX server (for a single CPU; machines with more CPUs priced accordingly), or $3,900 per Windows server (regardless of CPUs), limit 20. Prices valid through June 30, 2002. For additional information on Flight Deck, please refer to Palm-GUY information is available at

About DGI
DGI, formerly known as Database-GUYS Inc., is a privately held corporation that provides the industry standard in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB. The Full Crew of DGI performance management tools includes: SQL-GUY™, which provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the costliest SQL statements in any workload mix; Wise-GUY™, which handles database manager, database, and table activity monitoring and tuning; Pool-GUY™, which monitors bufferpools and automates their tuning; Space-GUY™, which helps assure database availability by monitoring tablespace utilization and performance; Flight Deck™, which provides integrated graphical presentation of key performance information in web browsers; Palm-GUY™, which makes key performance information and DB2 control pervasively available via Palm Pilot wireless devices; EEE-GUY™, which summarizes DB2/EEE node performance at a glance; and Connection-MINER™, which helps users understand how database resources are being used and by whom, providing a basis for calculating charge backs and identifying trends. DGI is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member.

Interested parties should contact DGI directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll free) or 1-585-349-2450 (outside the U.S.), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about the performance tools.

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