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"The 'big picture' has never been easier to see."

Scott Hayes

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Flight Deck 1.30 Provides Breakthrough Visibility Into IBM DB2 UDB UNIX & Windows Databases

ROCHESTER, NY - (July 26, 2002) - DGI, the industry leader in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB*, announced today the release of the latest version of Flight Deck. Version 1.30 includes more features and flexibility designed to provide the database administrator (DBA) with intuitive performance information for informed decision-making. Flight Deck, the first application of its kind to integrate DB2 UDB control and management through a web browser, presents database, bufferpool, tablespace, table, and SQL performance data, with integrated drill-down paths through objects to SQL.

The latest version of Flight Deck includes tablespace utilization data at a glance, such as identifying underutilized as well as overallocated tablespaces. Additionally, Flight Deck 1.30 displays table, column, and index statistics from the DB2 catalog, offering easy access to the catalog statistics that influence the DB2 Optimizer's choice of access paths.

Flight Deck now also incorporates the power to export data to a comma-delimited file, which may be imported into Microsoft® Excel, DB2, or any other application or database management system. DBAs may analyze the extracted data as well as create their own reports based on the Flight Deck data.

"Flight Deck for DB2 provides a graphical user interface that is pervasively available throughout the corporate network via a simple thin client web browser," said Scott Hayes, founder and CEO of DGI. "What's more, Flight Deck possesses the industry-unique ability to monitor performance of multiple databases, multiple instances, and/or multiple DB2/EEE nodes at the enterprise level, all from a single pane of glass. The 'big picture' has never been easier to see," Hayes continued.

Other enhancements include highly customizable, color-coded display of metric values to indicate optimal to alert values. These visual cues permit DBAs to quickly identify those areas of the database which demand the most immediate attention. Context-sensitive text has also been added to the Flight Deck metrics.

Hayes added, "Version 1.30 offers more flexibility because the entire product is highly customizable to the individual user's preferences and requirements. With every release of Flight Deck, DGI continues to meet our customers' needs for performance management information for DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows."

Discount Pricing Now Through November
DGI is making it easy and affordable to upgrade to DGI's robust line of breakthrough performance tools, including Flight Deck 1.30. Effective today through November 15, 2002, companies which previously licensed other DB2 UDB Linux, UNIX and Windows performance management software can license the comparable scope of DGI tools for just 33 percent of their original license fees, plus the first year annual maintenance. For more information, contact

About DGI
DGI is a privately held corporation that provides the industry standard in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. DGI is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member.

Interested parties should contact DGI directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll free) or 1-585-349-2450 (outside the U.S.), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about the performance tools.

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