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"This partnership is a big win for the entire DB2 industry."

Brian Hunt

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DGI & LECCOTECH Announce Alliance to Provide Breakthrough SQL Analysis and Tuning Solution for DB2 UDB

ROCHESTER, NY and San Francisco - (February 21, 2003) - DGI, the leading provider of IBM DB2 UDB* database performance management solutions, and LECCO Technology (LECCOTECH), a leading provider of SQL optimization solutions, announced today they have entered into a strategic relationship.

With this alliance, LECCOTECH's LECCO SQL Expert for IBM DB2 will work in conjunction with DGI's Flight Deck™, a performance management tool which permits DB2 UDB performance monitoring and tuning through a web browser. DGI plans to eventually integrate LECCO SQL Expert for IBM DB2 directly into Flight Deck, resulting in industry-leading rapid detection and optimization of problematic SQL statements.

When Flight Deck detects a problematic SQL statement, the user can pass the statement to LECCO SQL Expert for automatic and rapid optimization. LECCO SQL Expert then generates every possible alternative to the source SQL and benchmarks the results to find the fastest alternative SQL statement that guarantees equivalent results. When this alternative replaces the problematic SQL statement, the user sees an immediate performance improvement.

"We are very pleased to partner with DGI," said Tony Dee, LECCOTECH's vice president of international sales. "They have a comprehensive product portfolio for the DB2 performance management marketplace. LECCO SQL Expert for IBM DB2 is the ideal complement to the DGI toolset's ability to detect and identify costly SQL."

Dee explained, "It is widely acknowledged that the single biggest reason for poor database performance is the SQL code that lies at the heart of all DB2-based applications. Given today's production environments where every second counts, it is critical that DBAs and support staff can resolve SQL-related problems as quickly as possible once Flight Deck identifies and drills-down to troublesome SQL. LECCO SQL Expert allows them to do this - automatically."

Scott Hayes, CEO of DGI and DB2 UDB industry leader, added, "Given DB2 Optimizer levels 1-9, LECCO SQL Expert is so advanced, so thorough, so exhaustive in its consideration of various SQL rewrite possibilities, that it could be considered extending DB2 optimization to level 45. I call that breakthrough results."

Brian Hunt, president of DGI, added, "DGI's product finds the source of the problem, then the DB2 Index Advisor and LECCO SQL Expert fixes it at truly optimized levels. Unlike other SQL rewrite software products, LECCO SQL Expert guarantees equivalent result sets." Hunt proclaimed, "This partnership is a big win for the entire DB2 industry."

Initially, LECCO SQL Expert will be issued as a standalone module that customers can install on their client workstations. For added convenience and cohesion, a future version of Flight Deck will fully integrate LECCO SQL Expert, allowing for direct access to LECCO SQL Expert's capabilities from within Flight Deck without requiring a client install.

LECCO SQL Expert for IBM DB2 is available immediately from DGI and its worldwide resellers.

About DGI
DGI is a privately held corporation that supplies industry leading performance monitoring and tuning tools for IBM DB2 UDB on UNIX, Windows, and Linux operating system platforms, inclusive of lock contention analysis and SQL cost, database performance, buffer pool, tablespace, and table performance monitoring and tuning. DGI is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member.

Interested parties should contact DGI directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll free) or 1-585-349-2450 (outside the U.S.), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about the performance tools.

About LECCO Technology, Inc.
LECCOTECH provides the most advanced enterprise performance tuning solutions in the industry by incorporating artificial intelligence technology to achieve the highest level of SQL optimization for Oracle, Sybase, DB2 UDB and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The company offers worldwide sales, service, and support through its offices in San Francisco, CA, in the U.S.; Toronto and Ottawa, Canada; Coventry, UK/EMEA; and in Hong Kong. LECCOTECH also markets its other platforms through a distribution network that covers major markets in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Latin America. For further information, please contact Eric Zoglman via e-mail at, or telephone at (415) 901-8228.

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