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"DGI fills a growing need for tools that do not contribute excessive database overhead."

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DGI Announces IBM DB2 UDB Version 8.1 Compliance, Extends Functionality

ROCHESTER, NY - (March 17, 2003) - DGI, the industry leader in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB*, announced today that its entire product line is now compatible with the latest version of DB2 UDB, Version 8.1.

Not only has DGI updated its Full Crew of performance management tools to maintain compatibility with this latest version of DB2, but DGI leveraged much of the new technology introduced by IBM and elevated it to the next level. Several of DGI's tools include new functionality which take advantage of performance, availability, and manageability enhancements introduced with DB2 Version 8.1. The most notable enhancements are found in Wise-GUY™ 2.0, DGI's solution for monitoring and tuning based on DB2 and operating system statistics.

Wise-GUY 2.0 includes several new features to maximize the performance of DB2 Version 8.1. Some of these enhancements include: automatic generation of REORG commands for tables experiencing I/O degradation based on real-time monitoring results and table performance history; automatic capture of DB2 snapshot data for locks when too many applications are waiting on locks; automatic generation of RUNSTATS commands for tables having out-of-date (stale/obsolete) catalog statistics and for tables with missing statistics; and new performance metrics and updated displays that will help the DBA pinpoint performance problems even more quickly.

"Despite all the hype about self-tuning, there are actually only three configuration parameters that accept the value AUTOMATIC. The DBA still needs to configure and tune the remaining 127 parameters as well as optimize buffer pool sizes and configurations," said Scott Hayes, CEO and founder of DGI. "DGI has been automating DB2 tuning since 1998, and now DGI tools exploit DB2 V8's ability to dynamically change many configuration parameters online, without stopping the database. What's more, DGI fills a growing need for tools that do not contribute excessive database overhead. DGI tools allow you to save performance data to a different database than the one being monitored, resulting in negligible overhead impact."

Hayes continued, "DGI tools are able to exploit multi-partitioned databases, and thus we are the only company with the ability to provide a bird's-eye view of the performance of multiple DB2 partitions across multiple databases with integrated drill-down capabilities to accurately see costly SQL statements."

The Full Crew of DGI performance management tools includes: SQL-GUY™, which provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the costliest static and dynamic SQL statements in any workload mix; Wise-GUY™, which handles database manager, database, and table activity monitoring and tuning; Pool-GUY™, which monitors buffer pools and automates their tuning; Space-GUY™, which helps assure database availability by monitoring tablespace utilization and performance; Flight Deck™, which provides integrated graphical presentation of key performance information in web browsers; Palm-GUY™, which makes key performance information and DB2 control pervasively available via Palm Pilot wireless devices; EEE-GUY™, which summarizes DB2 EEE/ESE node performance at a glance; and Connection-MINER™, which helps users understand how database resources are being used and by whom, providing a basis for calculating charge backs and identifying trends.

About DGI
DGI is a privately held corporation that supplies industry-leading Performance Monitoring and Tuning tools for IBM DB2 UDB on Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating system platforms. DGI is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member. DGI has US Patents Pending for Buffer Pool Automated Tuning and DB2 UDB SQL Performance Measurement and Presentation.

Interested parties should contact DGI directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll free) or 1-585-349-2450 (outside the U.S.), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about performance tools and professional services.

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