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"This release clearly demonstrates DGI's customer-centered focus"

Scott Hayes

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DGI's Latest Release of Flight Deck Extends DB2 UDB Performance Management

ROCHESTER, NY - (March 25, 2003) - DGI, the industry leader in performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB*, announced today the release of the latest version of Flight Deck™, its premier web-based performance management tool. Flight Deck 1.4.0 includes several new features and provides more performance information with greater flexibility and ease-of-use.

Flight Deck, the first application of its kind to integrate DB2 UDB performance management and control through a web browser, presents database, bufferpool, tablespace, table, and SQL performance data, with integrated drill-down paths through database objects to SQL. The latest version provides for the display of performance information on static SQL statements from Flight Deck's Global SQL view, along with the ability to specify a default schema name to be used when running Explain for unqualified SQL statements.

"Flight Deck's Global SQL view is unique in the industry and extremely key to improving the performance of OLTP/ERP applications," said Scott Hayes, CEO and founder of DGI. "Since DB2 Stored Procedures are becoming increasingly more prevalent in today's high performance OLTP applications, the inclusion of Static SQL in the Global View of all SQL performance is invaluable to performance analysis and optimization."

Mr. Hayes continued, "This release clearly demonstrates DGI's customer-centered focus, as the bulk of the enhancements are the direct result of customer feedback solicited to validate our continual effort to help our customers realize unprecedented success with their DB2 UDB performance strategy."

Some other highlights of this release include: compatibility with DB2 UDB version 8.1; the ability to easily add new users by replicating existing Flight Deck authorized user setups; configurable, multi-level server-side logging; more flexible instance handling for all platforms along with multiple instance support for DB2 for Windows servers; and efficiency and performance enhancements.

About DGI
DGI is a privately held corporation that supplies industry-leading Performance Management tools for IBM DB2 UDB on UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating system platforms. DGI is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member. DGI has US Patents Pending for Buffer Pool Automated Tuning and DB2 UDB SQL Performance Measurement and Presentation.

Interested parties should contact DGI directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll free) or 1-585-349-2450 (outside the U.S.), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about performance tools and professional services.

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