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"After installing Database-GUYS tools on a 89,390 MB DB2 V6 Environment, and running SQL-GUY, it flagged one query that was missing an index. After adding the index recommended by the Index Advisor, the CPU utilization went from 99% to 35% with just 10 minutes worth of work."

Chip McAllister
Poughkeepsie, NY USA

New Version of SQL-GUY™ from Database-GUYS Inc. First to Evaluate and Track Dynamic SQL Costs

SPENCERPORT, NY - (September 6, 2000) - Database-GUYS Inc. announced today the general availability of Version 2.10 of SQL-GUY™, their performance management tool for DB2® UDB UNIX that provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the most costly SQL statements in any workload mix. Version 2.10 of SQL-GUY contains a number of valuable enhancements and is the first product on the market to evaluate, analyze, and track dynamic SQL statements and their individual costs.

Using dynamic SQL equalization, a complex mathematical SQL analysis process developed by Database-GUYS Inc., SQL-GUY V2 breaks down dynamic SQL, identifies unique statements, and assigns them an ID number. These dynamic statements are then analyzed, tracked, and execution costs are tabulated and aggregated. SQL-GUY V2 also provides for the real-time evaluation of application connections, providing detailed information such as the resources consumed by SQL statement execution and connections experiencing locking problems. Other new features include the ability to launch the DB2 Index Advisor, discover Automatic Summary Table opportunities, rapidly analyze locks held, lock waits, and lock contention, and the ability to predict when decision support queries will complete.

"Many packaged vendor solutions available today primarily use dynamic SQL, making it practically impossible to determine which statements are the most costly to your business," says Scott Hayes, president and founder of Database-GUYS Inc. "With SQL-GUY V2, you can immediately pinpoint the costliest SQL, static or dynamic, and make informed decisions on the changes needed to achieve the greatest performance improvement."

"User response to the new version has been extremely enthusiastic," says Mr. Hayes. "One client's e-Commerce web site had slowed to an unacceptable crawl, with CPU utilization a steady 100% busy. In a matter of minutes, SQL-GUY V2 identified a low-cost but extremely high-volume statement (executed 10,000 times per minute) which was consuming almost 70% of the CPU. Once the problem statement was identified, adding a clustering index returned performance to exceptional levels and put the customer back in e-Business".

With a starting price as low as US $2,995/CPU and available multiple CPU and enterprise licensing discounts, SQL-GUY is poised to help IBM DB2 UDB UNIX customers achieve remarkable success. Interested parties should contact Database-GUYS Inc. directly at 1-877-4DB-GUYS (toll-free in the US) or 1-716-349-2450 (international) or visit the company's Web site at to inquire about the tools or download a free trial. Database-GUYS Inc. is located at 36 Walnut Hill Drive, Spencerport, NY 14559, and the fax numbers are 877-225-4452 (toll-free in the US) or 1-208-279-7041 (international).

Database-GUYS Inc. is a privately held corporation providing performance management tools for DB2 UDB UNIX. In addition to SQL-GUY, the Database-GUYS™ team of performance management tools includes: Wise-GUY™, which handles database monitoring and tuning; Pool-GUY™, which monitors bufferpools and automates their tuning; Space-GUY™, which helps assure database availability by monitoring tablespace utilization and performance; and Connection-MINER™, which helps users understand how database resources are being used and by whom, providing a basis for calculating chargebacks and identifying problems.

The Database-GUYS logo, Database-GUYS, Wise-GUY, Pool-GUY, Space-GUY, Connection-MINER, and SQL-GUY are trademarks of Database-GUYS Inc. All other product and company names referenced herein are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Media Contact:
Paula Hayes
Marketing Communications Director
Database-GUYS Inc.
877-4DB-GUYS ext. 7

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