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"The combination of DB2 and SQL-GUY from [Database-Guys] provides users with the ability to increase DB2's record-setting performance."

Jim Kelly
Vice President
Data Management Solutions Division

Database-GUYS Inc. Releases SQL-GUY™ Version 2.2 To Accelerate IBM DB2® Performance

SPENCERPORT, NY - (February 12, 2001) - Database-GUYS Inc. announced today the availability of version 2.2 of SQL-GUY™, the precision performance management tool for DB2® Universal Database for UNIX that provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the most costly SQL statements in any workload mix. SQL-GUY 2.2 introduces unattended initialization and termination of SQL-GUY Monitor Agents as well as Global Statement filtering, permitting more rapid detection of the causes of slow performance.

With version 2.2, SQL-GUY Monitor Agents can be started from a command line, allowing automated unattended execution. Additionally, SQL-GUY 2.2 contains Global Statement filtering, which allows database administrators to identify the SQL statements that access specified tables. Other features of this release include the ability to do ascending and descending sorts on any field, as well as faster processing of dynamic SQL statements.

"Often the primary culprits of slow application performance are SQL statements having exorbitantly high execution costs," says Scott Hayes, president and founder of Database-GUYS Inc. "SQL-GUY 2.2 accelerates identification of SQL that may be hindering application speed. At one customer site, the advanced performance capabilities of SQL-GUY 2.2 helped the DBA team reduce Siebel 2000 batch EIM processing time by 75 to 80 percent within 24 hours of installing the tool."

"DB2 is the fastest, most scalable database on the market," says Jim Kelly, vice president of marketing, Data Management Solutions Division at IBM. "The combination of DB2 and SQL-GUY from Database-GUYS Inc. provides users with the ability to increase DB2's record-setting performance."

SQL-GUY (U.S. Patent Pending) is ready to help IBM DB2 for UNIX customers achieve remarkable success. Interested parties should contact Database-GUYS Inc. directly at 1-877-4DB-GUYS (toll-free in the US) or 1-716-349-2450 (international) or visit the company's Web site at to inquire about the tools or download a free trial. Database-GUYS Inc. is located at 36 Walnut Hill Drive, Spencerport, NY 14559, and the fax numbers are 877-225-4452 (toll-free in the US) or 1-208-279-7041 (international).

Database-GUYS Inc. is a privately held corporation providing performance management tools for DB2 UDB UNIX. The Database-GUYS™ team of performance management tools includes: Wise-GUY™, which handles database monitoring and tuning; SQL-GUY™, which provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the most costly SQL statements in any workload mix; Pool-GUY™, which monitors bufferpools and automates their tuning; Space-GUY™, which helps assure database availability by monitoring tablespace utilization and performance; and Connection-MINER™, which helps users understand how database resources are being used and by whom, providing a basis for calculating chargebacks and identifying problems.

The Database-GUYS logo, Database-GUYS, Wise-GUY, Pool-GUY, Space-GUY, Connection-MINER, and SQL-GUY are trademarks of Database-GUYS Inc. All other product and company names referenced herein are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Pamela Greenfield
Communications Director
Database-GUYS Inc.
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