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"Flight Deck working with IBM DB2 UDB enables customers to detect and correct database application bottlenecks, maximizing the value their e-business applications can provide."

Jim Kelly
Vice President
Data Management Solutions Division

Member of PartnerWorld for Developers

Database-Guys Announces Arrival of Flight Deck™ for Autopilot Performance Analysis for IBM DB2 UDB

ROCHESTER, NY - (September 28, 2001) - Database-Guys announced today the release of Flight Deckô version 1.1, its latest and most comprehensive performance management tool for IBM DB2* Universal Database. This pioneering product uses some of today's most advanced technologies to promote fast, efficient, and secure monitoring and tuning for any DB2 database from anywhere. Flight Deck delivers a conceptual picture of the quality of database performance, and if it detects poor performance, Flight Deck provides the pathway to the specific source of the slowdown.

Flight Deck graphically presents key performance metrics in a web browser, incorporating customizable gauges, graphs, and charts to illustrate exactly how well a database is operating. Additional features include the ability to quickly identify and solve runaway queries, locking problems, system utilization vital statistics (CPU, paging, memory), and configuration tuning opportunities from any workstation on the corporate network. Flight Deck can intelligently and easily force applications, implement corrective solutions, or run any DB2 command securely from anywhere. By efficiently combining both DB2 Snapshot and Event instrumentation, Flight Deck has the unique ability to graphically demonstrate resource time distributions inside and outside of DB2.

"In just a few hours, Database-Guys saved one North Carolina bank over $1,000,000 in hardware upgrades. The ROI for Database-Guys tools is absolutely incredible when considering hardware savings, DBA time, service level agreements, and improved throughput rates," said Scott Hayes, president and founder of Database-Guys. "With Flight Deck, understanding and achieving breakthrough performance results for DB2 become as easy as reading the fuel gauge on a car dashboard. Now the DBA has the choice and power to be in the know and in control for high availability and performance."

"From single servers to clustered environments, our DB2 customers require the best possible performance from their database applications," said Jim Kelly, vice president of marketing, IBM Data Management Solutions. "Database-Guys's Flight Deck working with IBM DB2 Universal Database enables customers to detect and correct database application bottlenecks, maximizing the value their e-business applications can provide."

About IBM Data Management Software
As the foundation for e-business, DB2 is the industry's first multimedia, Web-ready relational database management system, strong enough to meet the demands of large corporations and flexible enough to serve medium-sized and small e-businesses. DB2 Universal Database combines integrated power for business intelligence, content management, enterprise information portals and e-business with industry-leading performance and reliability to drive the most demanding industry solutions. DB2 Universal Database together with Internet technology makes information easily accessible, available and secure. There are more than 60 million DB2 users from over 300,000 companies worldwide relying on IBM data management solutions. For more information please visit

About Database-Guys
Database-Guys, formerly known as Database-GUYS Inc., is a privately held corporation that provides industry-leading performance management tools for IBM DB2 UDB. The Full Crew of Database-Guys performance management tools includes: SQL-GUY™, which provides instantaneous real-time analysis of the costliest SQL statements in any workload mix; Wise-GUY™, which handles database manager, database, and table activity monitoring and tuning; Pool-GUY™, which monitors bufferpools and automates their tuning; Space-GUY™, which helps assure database availability by monitoring tablespace utilization and performance; Flight Deck™, which provides integrated graphical presentation of key performance information in web browsers; Palm-GUY™, which makes key performance information and DB2 control pervasively available via Palm Pilot wireless devices; EEE-GUY™, which summarizes DB2/EEE node performance at a glance; and Connection-MINER™, which helps users understand how database resources are being used and by whom, providing a basis for calculating charge backs and identifying trends. Database-Guys is an IBM Advanced Partner World for Developers member.

Interested parties should contact Database-Guys directly at 1-877-432-4897 (toll-free in the US) or 1-716-349-2450 (international), or visit the company's web site at to inquire about the performance tools.

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