There are hundreds and hundreds of performance numbers in DB2. Like a Las Vegas Black Jack deck, the sheer volume of cards makes analysis difficult.

Beat the odds.

Let Database-Guys count the cards
so you can...

Drive DB2 UDB UNIX Faster!

Performance Tips

  • The more "arms" the better
    • Large tablespaces should have equal sized containers spread over as many different disks as reasonably possible.
    • Large? If all table data will fit into a single disk partition (PPsize for AIX), or into a handful of partitions (5 or fewer), then the tablespace is not large. Otherwise, if the table is going to be prefetched, it is a candidate for multiple containers.
      • It Depends

  • Get Space-GUY and learn which tablespaces have the worst read or write performance.

  • Get Alerts when Tablespace or File System Utilization exceeds defined thresholds.
    (Alerts indicated by red background on HTML report)
    • Receive Email... trigger pager
    • Run a script

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