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Snap your fingers twice.

That's about how long it takes to find performance problems using the Database-Guys tools.

One day, or less.

That's about how long it usually takes for our customers to cut CPU consumption by 33% or more.

DB2 UDB Performance Solutions

Database-Guys has the product to fit your performance problems. Are you looking for help with:

  • Performance Troubleshooting
  • Performance Optimization
  • Availability
  • Accounting and Availability

    Choose your solution below.

    Performance Troubleshooting


    Rapidly identify the most resource intensive, highest cost, SQL statements. See the text, the aggregate costs, and get an explanation for the "trouble makers" from DB2. Find lock problems in a heart beat. Predict when long running queries will end. Be a hero at the end of the day, everyday.


    Quickly identify troublesome table access activity, poor sort performance, hash join problems, DB2 agent problems, locking issues, sub-optimal cache performance, and more. Track CPU utilization rates, paging rates, and virtual memory utilization, all neatly integrated alongside your DB2 performance data. Be able to quantify and easily demonstrate your performance tuning success, everyday.


    Easily learn which tablespaces have the worst I/O performance. When you can improve performance of the three worst performing tablespaces in your database, you can measurably and substantially improve overall application performance. It's easy to be a performance hero when you have the information you need.

    Performance Optimization


    Size Matters. Bufferpools that are too small cause excessive physical I/O. Bufferpools that are too large needlessly burn CPU precious cycles. Find the size that's just right.


    Provide the DB2 Index Advisor with an accurate inventory of the SQL statements within an application, plus an accurate frequency count for each statement.

    Discover the "Top 10" most costly SQL statements, executed by any user, any application, any time during the day, that could potentially benefit from an Automatic Summary Table.


    Optimize SORTHEAP, Cache Sizes, and other configuration values.



    Got too many timeouts? Deadlocks? Too few Agents? Too many large sorts? Heap full conditions? Wise-GUY will notify you, run a script, or take any action you define.


    Alert Capabilities let you know when your DB2 DMS tablespaces are filling up and also when your UNIX file systems are filling up.

    Easily learn tablespace growth rates, and automatically project when DB2 DMS tablespaces may become full. Automatically add space. The choices are yours.

    Accounting and Availability


    If you knew...

    • The top 10 database users
    • The top 5 most expensive programs
    • The busiest day of the week, hour of the day, month of the year...
    • How much CPU time each user or program used
    • Which programs performed the most, longest, and largest sorts
    • Which DB2 EEE nodes bear the heaviest loads
    • Min, Max, and Average Elapsed times for programs
    ... you could take proactive action ... or send a bill.

    When you're ready for some serious DB2 UDB Performance Tools, contact sales and get your DB2 UDB databases really moving.

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    Last Updated: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 16:17:49 EST

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