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Finding costly SQL statements in an application is a lot like trying to find a needle in a haystack. When you can rid your applications of the most expensive SQL statements, you can effectively improve your organization's bottom line.
Speed = Profit.

Make Informed Decisions

SQL-GUY helps you rapidly discover the most costly SQL statements in any workload mix, along with a count of the frequency with which each statement is executed. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make the most of the DB2 Universal Database Index Advisor, using it to make informed decisions on how best to improve performance.

Real-time analysis, instantly

SQL-GUY gives you instantaneous real-time analysis of the most costly SQL statements in your workload mix. Quickly drill down (use your browser's back button to return here) from Applications to Packages, and then down into Package SQL details and discover:

You can sort on any criteria and rapidly discover the most costly Application IDs, then drill down to Package and SQL statement levels. From the statement detail level, SQL-GUY will optionally launch the DB2 Explain utilities.

Improve the bottom line

SQL-GUY helps get inefficient, expensive SQL out of the DB2 engine. When DB2 is unimpaired and able to run faster, you entire business runs faster and more profitably. Simply put, SQL-GUY helps to maximize performance and improve your company's bottom line.


  • Detects most costly applications, packages, and SQL in real-time
  • Has drill-down capability
  • Interfaces to native DB2 UDB functions:
    • Explain
    • Force costly applications
    • Get Snapshot for costly active applications
  • New! Predicts when decision support queries will finish!
  • New! Rapidly analyzes locks held, lock waits, and lock contention!
  • New! Discovers automatic summary table opportunities!
  • Helps find killer SQL statements before they kill your application

Platforms Supported

SQL-GUY supports versions 6.1 and 7.x of DB2 UDB for both Enterprise Edition (EE) and Extended Enterprise Edition (EEE).

DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition

DB2 UDB Extended Enterprise Edition

Supported Versions Remarks

5.1 (32-bit)


5.1 (64-bit) coming soon!
Sun Solaris®




Linux® Intel

OS/390 coming soon!

HP-UX® HP-UX Inquire for details

Software Requirements

  • DB2 UDB per Platforms listed
  • Operating System per Platforms listed
    • Korn Shell (/bin/ksh)
  • A web browser capable of displaying HTML 3.2 documents
  • DB2 SDK and a C compiler also recommended for seamless integration between SQL-GUY and DB2 Explain.

Hardware Requirements

  • Software and documentation require approximately 8MB disk

Vision for the Future

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss our future plans and directions with you. Please complete our additional information request form.

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