There are hundreds and hundreds of performance numbers in DB2. Like a Las Vegas Black Jack deck, the sheer volume of cards makes analysis difficult.

Beat the odds.

Let Database-Guys count the cards
so you can...

Drive DB2 UDB UNIX Faster!

Performance Tips

  • Use a short TIMEOUT value, like 5 or 10 seconds.
    • Applications that wait on locks can, and often do, hold locks that other applications want.
    • If applications wait too long, the effect is about the same as a 100 car pile up (accident) on a highway... The domino effect is devasting to high performance applications.
    • Make sure applications properly handle timeouts.

  • Get Wise-GUY and get alerted to Timeouts, Deadlocks, and Excessive Wait Times. Measure and track average lock wait time over time to ensure your lock performance is meeting expectations.

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