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Last Updated: May 07, 2001

What happened to the Database-GUYS™?

If you came looking for the Database-GUYS, you have found the right place. Now we're known as Database-Guys.

You may be asking, "Why?" Well, IBM DB2® UDB is the fastest growing segment of the DBMS industry, and Database-GUYS is, and has been, the industry leader in performance management tools for DB2 UDB UNIX. In 1998 we were the first vendor in the market to offer these types of tools, and the others have been trying to catch up ever since. Today we have the most complete line of tools that produce real, measurable performance improvement results. Our corporate image, however, did not reflect the look of an industry leader. In order to better represent who we are and what we have to offer, our entire image, including the name under which we do business, has matured.
We're still the same company with the same great tools (plus some really new and exciting ones), but have changed our image to more accurately reflect the industry leading solutions we provide.

As you may have guessed, yes, our web site also reflects our new image. We also have some really exciting new products to be unveiled very soon, so stay tuned!

Last Updated: February 12, 2001


We've made our leading edge performance evaluation and improvement tool even faster and more flexible. See our joint press release with IBM to learn more.

Connection-MINER Executive Client for Windows

Easily analyze users, programs, and trends with the new Connection-MINER graphical user interface. You can't control what you don't know, and you can't improve what you're not measuring.

Wise-GUY V1.4

Wise-GUY can now monitor any remote DB2 UDB database on your network, and save performance history to any DB2 UDB database on your network. From a single UNIX client located in New York, it is now possible to monitor DB2/NT in Montana and Oregon, DB2 OS/2 in Texas, and DB2 UNIX databases in Nebraska and Mississippi, and all the performance history could optionally be saved in a single DB2 UDB database in Florida.

Use Wise-GUY web publishing capabilities to build your own DB2 performance intranet. It's easy, it's fun, and it's a great way to make performance data available to your DBA and management teams securely... without handing out SYSADM privileges.

Hewitt Associates LLC selects Database-GUYS Inc.

What I find most enjoyable about running Database-Guys is the extraordinary results that we are able to help our clients and customers achieve. Not only is DB2 the fastest database on the planet with pricing to make any CIO smile, but I believe our tools even make being a DB2 UDB DBA fun. Don't take my word for it, see what others are saying. -Scott Hayes

SQL-GUY V2.10 Press Release

A new build (2000242) of SQL-GUY V2.1 is available for immediate download that includes several enhancements, including the ability to easily invoke the DB2 UDB V6+ Index Advisor.

Don't have a download userid and password? Simply complete our registration form and soon you will have trial access. Certain restrictions apply.

Got Tough Questions?

  • Which tables, views, and columns have and have not been accessed? By whom? When?
    • What are the most popular columns in the database?
    • Which columns were not accessed during the last 24 hours? Which have never been accessed?
  • Which Automatic Summary Tables should I create?
  • How do I get the best recommendations from the DB2 Index Advisor?
  • How can I quickly solve lock problems?
  • Of all the queries running, which are using the most resources?
    • When will they complete?
    • What locks are they holding?
  • Which SQL statements are slowing down our application the most?
  • Which indexes are and are not being used?

V2.1 has

Generally Available June 30, 2000

Version 7.1

As a beta participant, Database-Guys has been evaluating and testing DB2 UDB Version 7 since February 2000. You can find an informative article written by our President, Scott Hayes, in the Summer 2000 issue of DB2 Magazine.

Wise-GUY, Pool-GUY, Space-GUY, and Connection-MINER are ready for DB2 V7.1 as of June 20, 2000. SQL-GUY V2.1 for DB2 V7 AIX is ready. SQL-GUY V2.1 for DB2 V7 Sun Solaris and Linux is coming soon.

Updated: January 30, 2000

SQL-GUY™ V1.1!

Database-GUYS Inc. is pleased to announce general availability of SQL-GUY, our newest Performance Management Tool for DB2 Universal Database.

Wise-GUY™ V1.3

Wise-GUY V1.3 adds several new features and performance reporting metrics:

  • Improved alert capabilities
  • Multi-User enablement features
  • Statistics on Hash Joins, Agents, Sorts, and more
  • Rows Read and Written per Transaction and per time interval are automatically computed

Space-GUY™ V1.3

Space-GUY V1.3 adds new features and fixes:

  • New Multi-User enablement features
  • Improved accuracy of Physical Pages Read per Minute
  • Ability to disable saving of Performance History

Connection-MINER™ V1.3

Connection-MINER V1.3 adds new options to help the user monitor the status of DB2 UDB Event Monitors.

Pool-GUY™ V1.3

Pool-GUY V1.3 adds new features and fixes:

  • New Multi-User enablement features
  • Improved accuracy of Physical Pages Read per Minute
  • Ability to disable saving of Performance History
  • Bufferpool size -1 is now inferred from database configuration

Updated: August 28, 1999

Wise-GUY™ V1.2!

  • Wise-GUY V1.2 is ready for DB2 UDB V6.1!
  • V1.2 adds support for DB2/EEE!
    • Now you can automatically monitor, tune, and publish performance results for each EEE node independently.
    • Avoid node failures! Let Wise-GUY monitor the heaps, logs, and other key statistics!
  • V1.2 adds new usability features!
    • Ability to automatically purge saved history data that has become obsolete!
    • Ability to save performance history at regular intervals without shutting down and restarting the tool!
  • New Extended Statistics!
    • Direct I/O
    • Internal Counts
    • Cleaner Triggers, key percentages, and new tuning algorithms!
  • New Pricing! Wise-GUY ought to be on every DB2 UNIX machine in the UNIVERSE at these prices!!!

Updated: August 6, 1999

Connection-MINER V1.2!

  • Connection-MINER V1.2 is ready for DB2 UDB V6.1!
  • V1.2 adds support for DB2/EEE!
    • Discover which nodes are the busiest (use most CPU)!
    • Find out which nodes spend the most time sorting!
    • Learn which nodes have the best and worst I/O performance!
    • And More!
  • New usability features and sample reports too!
  • Sten Hector likes Connection-MINER Best!

Pool-GUY V1.2!

  • Pool-GUY V1.2 is ready for DB2 UDB V6.1!
  • V1.2 adds support for DB2/EEE!
  • New usability features too!

Updated: July 9, 1999

Space-GUY V1.2!

Space-GUY V1.2 is ready for DB2 UDB V6.1. V1.2 also supports DB2/EEE! Plus, we've added several new and exciting features:

  • Enhanced Alert Processing! Get notified when a tablespace is about to become full or automatically run a script!
  • Integrated File System monitoring AND alert processing!
  • HTML Snapshot Reports that integrate UNIX File System status.
  • Automated history pruning and other usability features!
  • Space-GUY has earned the AIX READY! mark from IBM!


  • Wise-GUY™, Pool-GUY™, and Space-GUY™ are planned to be available for DB2 UDB for Linux 4Q 1999.

  • New "Per CPU" pricing will be available that will make Database-GUYS™ your most valuable tools for the money!

Updated: April 30, 1999

Our Web Site has a new look!

DB2 UDB Tuning Tips

Check out our Tuning Tips and Tricks for DB2 UDB, or add your own!

V2-GUY is withdrawn from marketing

Support for V2-GUY ends 12/31/1999. Upgrade to Wise-GUY now and get Y2K Compliant!

Note: Database-Guys was known as "Database-GUYS Inc." prior to May 2001.

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