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Why Buy?

  1. We're EASY!
    • At least, that's what our customers tell us!

  2. Database-Guys Performance Management Solutions are a great team with:
    • SAP/R3
    • Peoplesoft
    • Siebel Systems
    • Net.Commerce
    • Websphere
    • Baan
    • Java, JDBC, & SQLJ applications
    • Data warehouses, Data marts
    • IBM DB2 Query Patroller

  3. You want FAST and EASY remote monitoring of Databases, Bufferpools, and Tablespaces on the WEB or your intranet! Check this out!

    Just ONE click and all the data you need is right there!

  4. Our tools automatically save all configuration, usage, and performance data for you in EASY to query performance history tables!

  5. Our tools optionally run unattended, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you don't need to have windows, browsers, or terminals active!

  6. We do monitoring of Bufferpools!
    • We tell you how big the Bufferpools are
    • We compute the DBHEAP requirement
    • We show you the access and performance attributes of each Bufferpool sorted by any criteria you choose!
    • See: Sample Bufferpool Performance Snapshot

  7. In an hour or less, not only will our tools automatically compute many important performance variables for you, but they also give you tuning suggestions based on monitored results. Our GUYS are consultants "out-of-the-box."
    • This bears repeating: Our tools provide you with TUNING SUGGESTIONS based upon observed DB2 monitoring results. CPU, virtual memory, and paging rates are considered in our TUNING SUGGESTION analysis.

  8. Our documentation is GREAT! Not only does it describe how our GUYS work, but it will also give you ideas on what to look for and how to tune.

  9. Our tools will save you dozens of hours every month thanks to our automated monitoring and tuning methods.

  10. Our products are Year 2000 compliant.

  11. You can share performance information with those who "need to know" without giving up DB2 security controls.

  12. Unlike other vendors we know of, we:
    • Specialize only in DB2 Universal Database on UNIX platforms.
    • Spend wisely on promotions to keep our costs low. This translates into lower prices for you, our customer.

  13. We have great tools that will help you succeed with DB2 UDB. Your success with DB2 UDB is what we strive for every day.

  14. Leasing Programs Available for bank qualified customers.

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Sensitive to your Needs...

Database-Guys Performance Tools
for DB2 UDB Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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